Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

Mr. W doesn't like me to give things up for Lent when I am pregnant or nursing. When I was pregnant the first time he gave up alcohol so that I wouldn't feel the need to do something myself. I thought it was very sweet. This year I decided I'd give up cow's milk dairy; it's not as extreme as going vegan or even vegetarian. I'm looking at it as an experiment because Baby W spits up SO MUCH that I wonder if there is something in my diet that is negatively effecting him. It might be all the dairy I eat and drink. Even if there is no impact on him, no cheese is still a big sacrifice for me!
With winter sicknesses and her work schedule, it seems like it has been forever since I have seen Ms. Mc and we have gotten our boys together. Originally I was planning on making savory and sweet crepes again. Then it occurred to her that I wasn't pregnant anymore, we could go out for drinks to celebrate Mardi Gras. We could have a grown up night out! I could only be away from the baby for a few hours before I'd need to nurse again, but it would be something. Unfortunately she was unable to obtain a babysitter for the evening. Oh, well, another day with our children would be fun too.
We started out at Cafe Sip and Play in the 'Couve. They have a big play area there in which the children can roam for a small fee and the moms can watch from the cafe area. Our boys are at the age now where we can sort of let them be. It is a nice break. When her youngest M had had enough, My Little Helper wasn't ready to say goodbye to his friends. So instead she invited us over to her house for dinner.
She made a run for take out while I nursed and watched the boys. At some point I heard one of them pass some very loud gas. Then I noticed my son had a wet spot on his bottom. It was pretty small for it to be a pee stain and in the wrong spot. I realized he must have pooped his pants. I was filled with dread. He's never had an accident like that before so I don't pack spare clothes for him. This was not exactly the fun evening I had planned. When I took him into the bathroom to clean him up I discovered it was a shart, no solid material to remove, but his clothes would have to be washed. Immediately. Good thing we have all boys so borrowing clothes is no problem!
Because I hadn't planned on going to her house I also hadn't packed enough diapers. Her youngest had some smaller sized diapers, but they were swim diaps. I've learned from experience that these diapers are only designed for holding solid material in, NOT keeping urine in. What a difference a decade makes! In 2001 I was dancing on the bar at Bourbon Street, a bar on the Upper West Side of NYC. In 2011 I am fashioning a diaper out of a receiving blanket. I am definitely happy and grateful for where my life has taken me, but, wow, has it changed!
This morning we were up bright and early to go to Mass at 7:30 AM. I would never do this to myself, but Mr. W scheduled a meeting for us at noon which conflicts with the school Mass time. I made the mistake of telling my son what was going to happen as we walked up the ailse to get ashes. He didn't like the idea at all and started yelling, "I don't want it on my forehead!!" all the way up to the altar and back to our pew until I pretended to wipe it off him. Sigh! Fortunately there weren't many in attendance at the morning Mass.

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