Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby fists

Among the things that I love about infants are their little baby fists. Baby Boy keeps his hands balled up into tiny fists all the time. So much so that any dirt or dust that get in there is trapped. Any time I manage to pry his little fist open there is a ton of lint in there. The same thing happened with My Little Helper. Baby fists are just like bellybuttons. Mr. W has lint in his bellybutton. He wears undershirts with dress shirts, not sweats, and yet he is constantly producing lint in there. I never get lint. Very odd. So as more baby fist is generated, I continue to remove it.
During his sixth week Baby Boy started smiling at us. Genuine, intentional baby smiles make all the hard work and sleeplessness worth it. My days are filled with baby smiles. The only thing better than a baby smile, is a baby smiling at his big brother. I feel so blessed!

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