Sunday, April 27, 2014

A look back at a Baseball birthday party.

I'm starting to think ahead to planning Little Miss's first birthday party. I did a baseball theme for both of the boys. I like the theme so much I did it for Our Little Helper's 2nd birthday too, but that was before I started the blog. I decided to add them now. (Baby Boy's birthday is here.)

For his first birthday I just made white cupcakes decorated like baseballs, super easy. The second time around I decided to challenge myself by making another cake decorated like a catcher's mitt. It was chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting. I think I used a frosting recipe from the Tasha Tudor cookbook. I did a few sketches on paper to come up with the pattern for the 'stitching.' I used a tube of black store bought icing.
 And I used my Baseball plated from Fishes Eddy.
 I reused the birthday banner and left over baseball party hats, plates, napkins, and filled in with plain ones.
 I also bought a bunch of pinwheels in red and blue. I used these to line the walkway as well as used some for party favors. They looked so cute spinning in the breeze.
 A bucket of colored sunflowers by the front door.
 We did this as a very low key barbeque, and from the looks of this table I suspect that some of our family must have brought side dishes to share.  I don't think I was expecting that, but who are we to turn away food?