Saturday, January 5, 2013

A trip to the ER

Baby Boy and I both caught that stomach virus that is going around town. I got sick Wednesday night and about 15 minutes later he woke up vomiting too. Fortunately Our Little Helper was spending the night at Grammy's so he didn't have to experience it, nor did he catch it either. Fortunate that Mr. W didn't have to deal with two sick kids nor did my mom have to deal with one at all.I tried the second time to take care of Baby Boy after he got sick, but only lasted a minute before I had to go into the bathroom myself.
It was pretty awful. I knew it wasn't morning sickness just because my stomach had felt upset for quite a while before hand. I thought maybe it was the ice cream I ate before I headed off to bed.  But immediately after I got sick I knew that wasn't 'normal'. So I went to bed and continued to get sick through out the night until I had nothing left to give. The same for Baby Boy and then he was able sleep through the rest of the night. I, on the other hand, was now stuck in a catch 22. Once my stomach was empty, I started to feel sick because the baby needed food and I needed to eat something to feel better. But even if I drank water, ate ice chips, or took Pepto, I'd throw it up because of the virus. So that's how I spend the whole night, waking up every 30 minutes to barf. It was a horrible cycle.
 I knew I wouldn't be able to fix this myself because of the pregnancy. And mid way through the night I became sick on the other end too. I kept begging Mr. W to let me go to the hospital. I figured I needed to have an IV to get nutrients to the baby since I couldn't keep anything down. He didn't want me to go, he kept trying to feed me something new. I can see the lights of the hospital from my bedroom window so I lay in bed trying to will myself there.
After calling an advice nurse during the night and calling my OB's office after they opened at 8:30 AM I finally was given the green light to go to the hospital. By that point I'd been puking every half hour since 11 PM. Baby Boy was totally perky and happy when he woke up in the morning. You would have never known he had been sick. Not me, I looked like hell.
Once we got to the ER I got sick on last time in the garbage can before I finally got hooked up to the IV. I was very dehydrated and my potassium was low. They also added a dose of Zofran. I asked about how long the treatment would last, in the hopes that Mr. W would take Baby Boy home and I could nap while hooked up to the drip. Instead he said he'd stick around. Aagh! I need to sleep! So instead he took him out to the lobby for a couple hours. Eventually he took him home for a nap while I stayed on the IV. I napped as best I could between the lights being on, people coming in and out of my room, and my bed being right across from the nurses station.
They ended up giving me 2 1/2 bags, or 2.5 liters of fluids. I took an oral Zofran too and was eventually able to eat ice chips and then drink apple juice without getting sick. At that point they were ready to kick me to the curb, literally.  I overheard my nurse outside my room telling another nurse that she had forgotten to do something for me because she had been "putting me on the back burner." That was fine by me, I wasn't vomiting any more.
I asked the ER dr. if everything would be fine with the baby, I figured it would be and that the dehydration would really only bother me, but he seemed to think the baby would be fine. I asked if I should have a NST, but he said no. So hopefully everything is fine with baby.
They sent me home with a prescription for Zofran which has been helpful since I haven't felt 100% better yet. My mom came over the next day to watch the boys for me so I could continue to rest. Reading through the ER paperwork was funny. The dr.'s diagnosis was pregnancy with a second diagnosis of vomiting. Helpful.  Then under prescriptions it listed Zofran, and then seat belts. That made me laugh. Like if someone in this day and age still isn't choosing to wear seat belts I hardly see how having it as a prescription on ER paperwork will suddenly give them a change of heart.
Quite an eventful last week in the first trimester!

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