Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye, Oprah

I just finished watching the final Oprah, or rather Oprah's last lecture. For about 25 years I have been watching her program, almost two thirds of my life. Oprah has been my education. And now it is over. Do I now hold a diploma from the University of Oprah? Am I a graduate now? Where do I go from here? I feel as though I still have so much left to learn! My journey as a parent is just beginning; where will I find the information to mother them through their little lives and be updated on the new dangers that parents need to know to keep their children safe? Did I take enough notes all these years? How can I glean more information from her? Will she still have office hours for students?
I can't imagine my life without her constant influence in it. Even if I didn't watch everyday, I'd catch up on recordings of the episodes on the weekends. I'm an easily weepy person so most days I would have my cry during Oprah. And often I'd be sharing that cry with my mother, or my father, or my roommate*. Certainly some of her episodes were not my cup of tea, especially the new agey ones, but there I'd sit with my cup of tea waiting for my aha moment. But I'd also laugh while watching; happy or sad I
First Pope John Paul II died and now Oprah is off the air; the great role models I grew up with are no longer there to provide guidance.
*Mr. W doesn't cry much. I've only seen him cry twice in all the years we've been together and one of those times was when we were at Joe Chiodo's for the last time before it went out of business.

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