Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

I woke up yesterday morning to my first handmade Valentine's card. Apparently when I decided to go alone to Mass on Sunday Mr. W took that opportunity to have our Little Helper make a card. It had 3 hearts on the front for my 3 guys and a T-Rex and Stegosaurus on the inside. The scales on the stegosaurus were made of hearts. I was very tired, but started to tear up. St. Valentine's Day may just turn out to be my favorite holiday!
I had big plans to have my Little Helper make valentine's for everyone, including his friends, and then drive around delivering them to their door steps. I figured we'd get out of the house a bit and the baby would nap in the car. Well, we are still very cross these days and I had my work cut out for me just trying to get him to make the cards. All he wanted to do was use the glue. We did get two cards made, including Daddy's, but that was it.
We had our traditional fondue dinner. I considered setting a pretty table and even got out the new red, linen place mats I got on super mark down from Williams Sonoma. But everything is being done halfway this year between nursing the baby and entertaining the toddler. Last year we had a special meal in front of the fireplace; this year we gathered round the kitchen table. It did end up looking kind of pretty though, Mr. W brought home some purple tulips which helped to perk up the table. And as always, the fondue was delicious!

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