Thursday, February 3, 2011


Life after a baby is a little chaotic and because of that I am letting a lot of things go. Candlemas is one of those things. I didn't invite anyone over, I will not be making candles, and I'm not even going to set a fancy table. But what I was willing to do was have tamales for dinner again. Last year I purchased them from Casa de Tamale and I thought a drive out to Milwaukie would provide me with at least one nap. I placed a call in the morning to order. When the woman asked for my name and I gave it she responded, "oh yes! You've ordered from us before!" Now either they have an exceptionally good customer service, or they just don't get a lot of phone orders, because the last time I purchased from them was last year's Candlemas! But in all seriousness, they really do have good customer service. I asked if I could pay for my order over the phone so that when I got there someone could run the tamales out to my car since I have two young children. They were happy to oblige.
We ordered pork asparagus, chorizo and chicken verde. As always our tamale dinner was delicious.

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