Sunday, August 22, 2010

The teddy bear cookies

I made teddy bear cookies to give out as favors for the littlest W's 3rd birthday party. I was inspired by way too many episodes of Martha Stewart. I used her recipes for the cookie dough and the icing. Last year I bought a cookie decorating set that had the little plastic bottles that she uses on her show to do the icing and still had not gotten around to trying it out before the party. I was way to ambitious considering I was adding this project to making a bear cake.
Making the dough, rolling it out, and baking the cookies was easy enough. I only needed to have 6 cookies and I even though the bear cutter was a large size, I think the recipe yielded 10 cookies. The icing was a different story as I had to figure out the best way to add food coloring to just enough icing to do the 'daming' before adding water to it to thin it to 'flood'. So the blue shirts that I did first were more complicated than the yellow bear parts because by that point I decided to add the food color in the bowl, rather than in the plastic bottle. Trial and error!
First I did the blue shirts because I figured they'd require less icing than the rest of the bear. I created a dam/ outline of the shirt first on all the bears.
Then I watered down the icing so I could flood the shirts, using a popsicle stick to spread things out as needed.
The blue sanding sugar I bought earlier in the year because it matched the blue of the plates and paper lanterns. That went on while the icing was tacky.
Then I dammed the rest of the bear with a Pooh Bear inspired yellow. The flooding of that followed. I ended up with more icing than I needed which is better than running out, right?
The sugar bees were purchased at The Decorette Shop. I had to dab a little bit of frosting behind them to get them to adhere to the bears, but I thin they turned out really cute!
i was so pooped after the party that I put off taking a photo of the finished bears. As result of putting them in tupperware overnight the blue sanding sugar shifted in spots and bled onto the blue. So this photo isn't as cute as it could be. I just consider that another lesson learned.

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