Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day brunch

My friend Mrs. F had the idea to send our husbands out for an early round of golf while we prepare them a Father's Day brunch. She offered up her house so I wouldn't have to do any clean up, so very nice of her! Also they just recently moved into a bungalow in Laurelhurst so I'm sure it is nice to be able to christen all the rooms with each passing holiday.
She offered to make a meat platter and bloody Marys, I decided I'd do a bagel spread and a fruit salad. Since Kettleman's is the current hot place to get bagels these days, I drove over there to pick up a half dozen. They do have a really nice selection plus they have min bagels which the boys love. It was crazy crowded in there though!A few days before Father's Day I saw that Saint Cupcake would be making moustache cupcakes in honor of the day and knew that I had to have them based on Mr. W's penchant for moustaches. I made sure that I was at the shop right at 10 AM in case they ran out. I don't know why I thought that mustache cupcakes would be as popular as say, the Ipad, and would creates a mad rush on the store with a line around the block. Anyway we walked over there and we were fine, only behind a few other people in the shop and the moustaches were being made to order. They were so, so cute.Mrs. F had set a lovely table and when the dads finally made it back from golfing they were very appreciative of our brunch.

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