Monday, March 15, 2010

My Lenten Projects

"In these days of Lenten journey..."
Everyone knows that one is supposed to make sacrifices during Lent, but there has been a recent push for people to do good works too during Lent. I decided to add in doing something this year. Probably not the typical or most generous things, but something to help me deal with my infertility in the hopes that I can find some peace in my journey, where ever it may lead.
I know that God isn't this petty, but during some of my moments of despair I have wondered what is going on (or not going on) in my life that would lead God to believe I'm not yet ready for another child? Am I not focusing enough on the child I have now? Can I not handle the terrible twos and pregnancy simultaneously? Do I have too many unfinished projects? Would a pregnancy make me too backed up with things that I'd never be able to catch up? I don't know what God has in store for me or why, but I knew it would make me feel better, like I had some control, if I added two special Lenten projects to allow for a clean slate with a future pregnancy.
I made a baby quilt for my godsons, who turned 6 this month. My mom and I miscalculated the fabric needed so I ended up with enough left over to make another quilt. I finally finished piecing it before Lent started and I have been hand quilting it in the evenings while I watch television. Here is the top:
And the bottom fabric. When I made the original quilt I used a fabric nearly identical to this, but it was more Americana with children waving flags. This one is more cowboy than I'd like, but still cute.The other unfinished project was a baby album. I am hesitant to use the word scrapbook as it has become something totally crazy in the last decade or so. When I was a child Mrs. Y, the mother my best friend since 3rd grade, made scrapbooks for us. She saved everything and used her own "scraps". Nothing was store bought. Now scrapbook has become a verb rather than a noun. I am working on a scrapbook, I am not scrapbooking!
I ordered 2 personalized red leather photo albums from Exposures after our son was born. That is as far as I got with the project. Most of our photos are digital which I had been organizing on our website (thank goodness!) A few weeks before Ash Wednesday I went through all the old photos so I could place an order for prints. It was bittersweet; I miss the baby experience and long to do it again!
Now that all the photos are here I have been arranging them in the album with a few little scraps here and there. I have completely taken over the dining room table. How lucky the ladies who have a home large enough to have a dedicated craft room!

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