Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

We went up to Seattle this weekend to visit our friends who are temporarily living there while Mrs. K does her final residency before completing her Nurse Anethsitican education. The men folk were going to attend a soccer match and I didn't realize that we'd end up missing St. Patrick's Day entirely. I had made plans to go out for tea at the Georgian Lounge at the Olympic Hotel with some of the other wives. I had such a nice time and I'm so glad the other ladies were willing to go with me.
On the way home we stopped in Fife for gas.  I have long admired the awesome neon for the Poodle Dog diner.  We didn't time it right to eat there this time, but the interior is a perfect time warp.  An excellent counter and lots of paneling.
I packed some green shirts for the boys to wear, but that was the extent of my celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  When we returned home My Little Helper put on a bishops miter and a staff they had made at school on Friday.  I actually think they had made the staffs in December for the Feast of St. Nicholas.  They look so cute; totally worth the cost of tuition!

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