Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One week in

I can hardly believe we have been here a week already! Yesterday was one of my days of 5 hrs child free so I used that time to hit up Target, Home Goods, and IKEA to get more storage infrastructure and fill in a few more must have items, like a mirror for the boys bathroom. On the whole I feel like we have so much stuff that we are filling out this much bigger house just fine. That is until it comes to the bathroom situation. We've gone from a house with 2 bathrooms to one with 5 toilets; that's a lot more tp holders and waste baskets than I had covered. Even the master bathroom needs double the stuff since it is set up with a separate water closet/vanity for each of us.
Over the weekend I replaced some of the yellow curtains with some Shabby Chic ones I already owned. These 84" curtains just cover the window itself, but since it is a bathroom I'm not concerned abut having the fabric reach the floor or, God forbid, puddle in here. I'm tempted to want to paint in here too. Maybe a nice water green color pulled from the stained glass window over the tub. I'm not sure I love the pair of white ones in my half of the bathroom now (you may remember them as a fix for the windows in our office); they block out a lot of the light, but I need them closed completely for privacy considering the toilet is right next to the window stool. In the future when we have money again I'll revisit a cafe type curtain.
Over the weekend I had Mr. W bring the tall, white, bathroom cabinet upstairs to the powder bathroom. I didn't think it would fit during our initial moved and had the movers place it in the scary downstairs bathroom. However it turns out there was enough wall space for the cabinet in here, even between the oddly uneven, multiple towel rings. Why exactly would one need a separate towel ring next to the toilet? There is no bidet feature so I am unclear as to why another towel would be necessary. And why at different heights? Maybe if they were on each side of the pedestal sink, but they aren't so I'm perplexed. I'm still using the green towels we had in the main floor bathroom at the Laburnum Bungalow; they aren't exactly the right shade of green for this wallpaper, but close enough for now. I'm pretty sure I hate the bamboo towels in here so those may get put away for now, or moved down to the basement bathroom for now. I also need to get a tissue paper cover for in here.
This rose wall paper was actually one of the few that I didn't hate when we first saw the house. It's not something I would pick, but it isn't offensive or over the top. And it occurred to me this week it is a nice nod to Portland the City of Roses so I think I could add some of my Portland memorabilia in here. Somewhere in a box is an old postcard I framed that would be perfect opposite the toilet. I still need to hang a mirror in here, Mr. W has an older gold framed one that would work well considering the existing brassy accessory hardware, but it fell apart during the move and I've yet to find screws to fix it.
Another thing I've yet to find in the move is the 3M hooks so I can hang some of our framed posters, prints, and photos. Yes, there is picture rail in this house and I know where all the picture rail hooks are, but with the new ceilings being 10' high rather than 8' all the picture cord will be too short and I can't afford to buy new picture cord right now. I'm eager to find those adhesive hooks so I can cover up some of the offending wallpapers.

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