Sunday, October 31, 2010


I decorated the entry table for Hallowe'en with my Muffy bears and Longaberger baskets. I secretly store candy corn in the pumpkin basket so I can grab a handful whenever I am walking by. Pregnancy has it's perks! Since I'm pregnant I have been doing very little decorating since I am tired and not much in the mood to clean things up. But since I wasn't sure if we'd actually go trick or treating because the Littlest W is afraid of ghosts and costume parties, I decided I better be prepared to hand out candy myself.
I added a book to the display, Tasha Tudor's Pumpkin Moonshine. She is one of my favorite illustrators so whenever I come across one of her books, I buy it. This is a short little story, but my son just loves it. Another book he has enjoyed reading this season is Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. He received it from Ms. Mc and her B Boys for his birthday. He cracks up when the duck starts stirring the soup and it goes all over the place. I could listen to him laugh about it forever! It only takes a few times of one of us reading a story to him before he can repeat it back to us nearly word for word. I really need to start video taping him.

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