Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Sienese tassels

We stayed in a really quaint villa in Volterra with an absolutely awesome view. Whenever Mr. W and his friend Mr. K get together they love to cook together or go out to fine meals. (In fact they'd love to open a restaurant together one day if we ever all live in the same town.) The beauty of the villa was that they were able to cook for us nearly every night. We did have plans to have a nice dinner out the night before the rehearsal dinner since we share the same anniversary weekend.
Since I am 6 months pregnant we knew that we wouldn't want to be doing a lot of touring the countryside. A relaxing week lounging around the pool was just what we needed for this babymoon. Did I mention the guys bought speedos for the occasion? They decided when in Rome...We did a little trip into Volterra and a little trip into San Gimignano. We also had plans to go into Siena. However Mr. W came down with a case of what he called Mussolini's Revenge. He blamed it on the ice cubes not being made with bottled water. I think that it was more likely all the steak Florentine he was eating. I'm never fond of rare meat, but during pregnancy it is even more repellent to me. So bloody and yuck!I still was hoping to find some cute shoes to wear to the wedding, so Mrs. K and I decided to drive to Siena ourselves and let the boys hang around the pool at home. I had been to Siena before on a field trip and she wasn't that interested in sightseeing so we were free to wander the streets shopping. Siena is divided into different neighborhoods that all have their own colors and flag. I love the neighborhood spirit here. I did find some black heels with ribbon bows on the back that at 9€ I couldn't afford to NOT purchase.
As we were making our way back toward the car we went down a little alley thinking it might be a short cut. And I discovered the most amazing little passamenterie shop! I had actually put together a short Italian shopping list for myself: a hat, a tassel, and some mirrored, beveled glass drawer pulls. This shop, Tappezzerie Lippi, was just the place to look for a tassel for the dining room portiere! I love little shops like this and wish I had more furniture to reupholster or windows to cover. And money to afford it would help too!
I found a nice fat tassel in perfect colors for the dining room. I think this room is one step away from being complete!

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