Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching up to Holy week

I've been a little remiss in updating. Between all my nervousness about infertility injections and illness running through the house I have been preoccupied. Last weekend we went to the Lincoln City for a surprise 75th birthday party for my great aunt. (There was an 80th birthday party for my other great aunt this month too.) I'm so grateful that we went, not only was it nice to visit with cousins I don't often see, but also because the boy and I spent a little time on the beach before hand. It was a gorgeous day! It was warm at the coast in March!! I ought to have headed down earlier in the day so we could have spent more time playing in the sand. As it was I had to bribe him with the promise of cake at the birthday party.
It's a good thing we did have our moment in the sun because we've been cooped up the rest of the week with illness. Mr. W has been sick for two weeks now and the littlest W got his first 100+ degree fever which lasted for 3 days. We're still not feeling better, but thankfully his temperatures have returned to normal.
Mine on the other hand are high. I hope that is a good sign. In addition to all the injectables I did this month, I was also prescribed progesterone suppositories. Fun. Hopefully these will help encourage some growth in my ute. My first beta will be Monday. I will not be taking a hpt before then; I don't want to deal with disappointment over Easter weekend.
Which brings me to my light Holy Thursday supper. I read in Feast Day Cookbook by Katherine Burton that it was traditional to have greens for Holy Thursday. Perhaps a bit of a nod to the bitter herbs of the Passover meal, or perhaps because life was finally returning to the earth and there were green things to eat again. The cookbook mentioned the Germans ate spinach and dandelions and included a 1950s type recipe which didn't sound great to me. I decided to instead make a salad with it because I knew I would find dandelions in my yard. I threw in cherry tomatoes, and since I had them on hand, croutons and shelled some sesame seeds.
Since today is Good Friday I am fasting but will be making Hot Cross Buns. I am using a recipe from The Tasha Tudor Cookbook. It calls for currants but not saffron. Hopefully they will still turn out even though I substituted soy milk and margarine for the milk and butter so they'd be vegan. Can I tell you how excited I am for Lent to be over? Delicious animal fats are just two days away!

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